1000 Paper Cranes

crane single

I was once told that it is the tale that chooses the teller and not the other way round.

Some years ago, I read a short, true, story about a lady who was inspired by her surgeon who had made an origami crane for her. Moved by the gesture, the beauty of the object and its cultural background, she overcame her fear of her forthcoming operation.

Quite by chance I recently stumbled upon a book called ‘1000 paper cranes’.

The book tells of a memorial at Hiroshima featuring Sasado Sasaki a 12 year old Japanese girl holding an origami crane.

I am intriqued by the Japanese tradition of folding 1000 paper cranes as a means of making a wish for healing, longevity, loyalty and peace and have re discovered the meditative enjoyment of origami.

After lots of web based reading and research, a retelling of the story of a young Japanese girl is nearly ready for the telling. The tale tells of how a simple paper crane has become an international symbol for peace and hope.

It feels quite timely and I look forward to sharing it.

crane circle

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