Bodging and Stories

It is the time of year to be turning spindles from freshly felled timber out in the woods. I have again been asked to demonstrate green woodturning to a school group who will be experiencing a bushcraft course in beautiful Shropshire countryside. The youngsters are not permitted to use the power lathes in the workshops at school and relish the chance to operate a foot powered treadle lathe. It is a wonderfully simple, understandable and satisfying machine.


In the evening I will share a meal as a guest with them and tell some stories around the camp fire. Lovely way to spend a day, I have had great feedback from previous sessions and am really looking forward to it.

More bodging to come, demonstrating at the annual Burwarton agricultural show on theĀ  National Trust, Dudmaston Estate stand on Thursday 3rd August and again in September at a woodland skills day, again for NT at Dudmaston.

bodging tools 2

Tools sharpened and ready to go

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