Work in Progress


I have a story in the making. It has been calling me for a little while now and I jot down ideas and tweaks from time to time.

It all started with a conversation with a friend who had taken a bodhran onto the top of a hill when the full moon coincided with mid summer. The rhythm had come naturally from the landscape, the ambience and the glorious lunacy of nocturnal solo drumming.

Someone I met said that there is music of the earth – it is up to us whether we listen to it. I loved the concept of there being an ‘earthbeat’


The story of ‘Drummer’ ties together thoughts of the interconnectedness of everything, the Anglo Saxon concept of Wyrd, a character rediscovering his mojo and a fair amount of percussion!

It is almost ready to go.

Retelling a story that I have heard or read is one thing, launching an original of my own is more daunting. I need to be sure that it is ready to fly the nest and am both looking forward to, and apprehensive about, giving it that test flight!


One thought on “Work in Progress

  1. Simon, our wonderful world plays many wonderful songs, the beautiful moon sang so beautifully the night before last. Yesterday I moved into a room at the Tanji Village Museum, a traditional Gambian round house (very simple) and listened to the leaves blowing in the Atlantic breeze so wonderful.


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